6 Döner Joints in Baku

Here we list 6 mostly visited and acclaimed döner joints in city centre of Baku.

Avtosh Doner


Story goes that youngster drivers waited to have streets fully empty until early morning to go drive crazy.  They would treat themselves at this centrally located small doner joint, which is now so called ‘Avtosh Döner’ after the name given to those crazy drivers, open until very late. For some people that is one and only döner joint in the town. Their service is real quick and only take-away as there are no sit-ins. Bear in mind that their döners are little greasy.

Döners from 2 azn, Drinks from 0.60 azn. Bül-Bül pr. +994553040202. No website. Open 10am-12am.

Berlin Doner

Berlin döner.  Photo via Facebook

They say that “Döners of Berlin, Germany are different kind of döners.” Berlin Döner promises you that difference of taste. Two metro stations away from centrally located Sahil metro station, it locates on the third floor of the Ganjlik Mall. You can also treat yourself with business launch (döner, lentil soup and ayran) for just 5 azn from 12:00 pm to 15:00 pm. If you happen to pay a visit during afternoon, then you get to deal with local custom of standing in line and waiting for about 5-7 minutes.

Döners from 3.8 azn, Drinks from 1.4 azn. Ganjlik Mall, 3rd floor. www.facebook.com/berlindonerbaku. Open Fri-Sat: 1130am-10pm, Sun: 10am-10pm.

Bir Iki Doner

bir iki
Bir Iki Döner. Photo via baku.events

Bir Iki Döner made almost all social media talking about them when they came with cool idea of serving free döners during some of important public holidays. Their services are one of the most expensive döner joints in Baku. But still that is one of popular rebranded döner joints local people like to go. The way their serve döner is of course fancy and they have quality döner, too.

Döners from 3.8 azn, Drinks from 1 azn. Yusif Mammadeliyev str. +994124989149. www.facebook.com/birikibaku. Open Fri-Sat: 1130am-10pm, Sun: 1230pm-10pm.

KÖZ Tantuni Köfte Döner

koz doner

It is a Turkish restaurant with fastfood options, on the street to Seaside Promenade, a short walk from Fountains Square. It has tall transparent glass windows opening to one of the central streets with people rushing. The staff is friendly and quick to serve your order. Döner is served with soft bread. You can try tantuni, an alternative Turkish fastfood, though it spicy.

Döners from 2.8 azn, Drinks from 1 azn. M.A.Rasulzadeh str. +994124936550. Facebook: https://bit.ly/2DNitd3. Open all day.

Manqal Döner

mangal doner

Manqal Doner has couple joints around the city so easy to reach wherever you are in city centre. The staff is friendly and helpful. It has couple of sit-ins in a small environment but still tidy, clean and nice. Doner bread feels like a traditional bread cooked in clay oven, crusty bread. They have döners for all kinds of customers: such as you can order Mangal Durum menu set with a drink and french fries for 8 azn.

Döners from 3 azn, Drinks from 1.2 azn. Xaqani str 18B (next to Barista&Chef). +994125551550. http://www.facebook.com/manqaldoner/. Open all day.

Updated 18 February 2019

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