Cheapest Taxi Services in Baku

The team of made a survey about how much taxi services charge for the same distance. The survey covered a distance of 10 to 12 km. Difference of 2 km may be result of opting a different driving route. The route starts from Azerbaijan International University in Residential Complex no-7 to Icherisheher metro station. As a result, the team found out the cheapest and the most expensive taxi services in Baku. Following table indicates taxi service and their fare for the above-mentioned distance including their call number.


Taxi Service Fare for 10-12 km in AZN Call no
Salam taksi 4.45 *9933
Ekonom taksi 5.20 *9111
2424 taksi 5.70 *2424
Felix taksi 5.70 *5959
City Taxi 6.20 *8844
189 7 189


Additional to these taxi services, Baku has Uber and Taxify, too. The latter is cheaper that former as the Taxify is realtively new in the market.


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